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You've dreamed of being the boss. You’ve made it!

You call all the shots babe and make the big decisions. What’s for sale, who does the work, where it's sold, and who it's sold to. All of that rests on the boss’s shoulders (your shoulders) to decide.

Also who does the accounting? Who deals with the receivables and billables? Who does all the writing and marketing? All of that rests with you too.


But your dream might seem a little like a nightmare at the moment. You're trying to wear all the hats and do #allthethings. Hey, I’ve been there and I know how that feels.

The biggest piece of the puzzle? The crazy amount of writing required to run your business. That blinking little cursor has become the stuff of... well remember that nightmare I mentioned earlier. Most of us feel this way.

How do other lady bosses do it?

How do they write all that content? How do they create all those blog posts and social media posts? Not to mention all the website copy, sales pages, landing pages, and opt in forms, emails and…..

Your brain takes one look at all  of it and screams, “Whoa!”


Writing Copy Doesn't Have to Be Hard

It looks a little daunting when you think about all of it at once. But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way. Even if you don’t like to write. 

*You just snorted a little and rolled your eyes* And no I'm not in your house right now.

What if you could sit down at your computer or whip out your phone and write a social media or blog post that was going to be an asset for your business for weeks, months, or even years to come? Would you want to learn that skill?  Of course you do.

Imagine for a minute:

  • Eliminating the overwhelm You have a vision for your business and the people that you want to serve. You know what you want to say and it’s easy to share that message.
  • Knowing what to share and when It’s easy to figure out where to spend your time and effort and you know exactly what your customers and clients need and want to hear from you.
  • Keeping your message and mission consistent You have a framework that you follow and you know immediately if something falls inline with your mission and your message.
  • No need for a Psychology Degree You talk to your ideal clients and customers all day long so you know what they want and need. NO need to manipulate them. That’s not how you build trust.
  • Creating Sales It’s easy to create income you need from your business when you listen to what your audience wants.
  • Understanding Engagement Crickets are a thing of the past. It’s fun creating content and getting to learn more about my clients and customers.

Everyday your business feels more and more aligned with what you envisioned when you started building this big idea. It not just an idea in your head any more it’s your “Pinocchio”, only your real life “boy”, or business in this case, gets to skip to the end of the movie where the #fairygodmother grants Geppetto and Pinocchio’s wish.

It’s your real life business and it’s not a dream.

You're skipping over many of the mistakes that other boss babes make when it comes to their copy. Sort of like skipping the wait at the amusement park. You bought the head of the line tickets and now you get to take advantage of that. 

Hard Knocks - Not My Favorite Teacher

I didn’t skip to the head of the line when I tried to build my first business. I was pretty overwhelmed that go around. I tried, tried, and failed. You read that right I failed at my first, my second, and even my third attempt at building a business. I've tried network marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, you name it and I've probably dabbled in it at some point. 

I’m not a quitter, so I kept coming back for more. Eventually I learned that insanity was trying to do the same thing over and over without a different approach. (Thank you Albert Einstein for that tid bit of advice. I can be a little hard headed at times.)

Like I said, I learned from my mistakes and I want to help you out. I want you to be able to avoid the overwhelm and the struggle. I get it. I’ve been the one dreaming of the giant blinking cursor on the page and running away screaming from the horror of it all. #honesttogoodnessnightmare

I was a train wreck when I first started writing. It was verbal poop ( my kid's worst diaper explosion #momlifereality was better than any of my writing in the beginning). 


I didn’t know how to build connection. I knew nothing about audience and even less about positioning or writing for the web. It took me weeks, months, and years to perfect my style. Heck, it’s still evolving, even today. Let me save you that time and struggle.

I actually had to become a copywriter to understand what I was missing. How crazy is that? However, I am glad I did because I found my true calling. Living your purpose feels pretty darn good.

I knew how to write for my professors. I knew how to write creatively. But I had no training on writing for the web. I had no concept of white space, audience, tone, evoking emotion, hooks, and other marketing jargon people throw around to confuse you.

Writing Online Is a Different World

Like I said I didn’t know what I was doing in the beginning. I would write a blog post and think I was sharing valuable content (really it was more like a rant aimed at no one). I didn’t understand why no one was reading what I wrote. “Build it and they will come”, not even close. 

My headlines sucked. My content sucked. My social media posts sucked. It all sucked! #itsuckedpickles

Ever heard the Zig Ziglar quote “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Well I was great at aiming for nothing when it came to my writing. And oh girl let me tell you I hit it every.single.time.

I would hit publish and

It was frustrating to say the least.

If you’re there right now....

I’m going to tell you it’s not your fault. You’ve been lied to and manipulated by the system. The algorithms are against you. There’s a secret to all this and no one and I mean literally like only 6 people on the internet share this stuff openly. #guruconspiracy

Well I could tell you all that, but it wouldn’t be the whole truth. That’s not what’s really going on, you just have to learn a new way of writing that connects with the people you want to work with and the people you want to buy from you.

The Solution

I'll be honest I'm creating this course for all the boss babes out there that come to me and can't afford my services. 

It kills me to leave someone hanging because I've been there. #Igiveadamn #Icare

I've been the boss babe that couldn't afford a much needed service or course. (Hello $400.00 electric bill. Where did you come from?) And yes it really was all about finances and not a mindset issue. I've walked this road.

With this course I can offer you the chance to gain the basic skills you need NOW to get started. You don’t have to feel bad about not being able to afford my services and I don’t have to feel bad for turning you away. Win-win!

Don't you love those kinds of solutions? Everyone gets what they need.

But what to put in the course? I teach so many things to my coaching/editing clients. It has to cover everything I teach about the points that are needed to create connection.

'Cause I'm All About That ...
(Did you just hear that to in your head to the beat of Meghan Trainor's, "All About That Base"? Me too.) 

That's what makes me unique, I teach connection copy. I teach you how to add in all those little human touch points that create and build relationships. Get this right and so many things fall into place. 

It won't matter what you're writing, your ideal clients will love you for it. Plus it eradicates that slimey feeling when asking for the sale. How's that for solving a problem that everyone wants to avoid? 

Connection copy allows you to be yourself and still serve at your highest potential. Talk about living your higher purpose.

Tell Me More, Please.  Why Of Course...

DIY Copy Made Simple isn’t like any other copy course you're going to find on the market. First it’s not geared toward teaching you to be a copywriter. You’re not here for that. You want to know what to write, when to write, who to write to and most importantly how to get what you write in front of those it was meant to serve. 

The best part, this course teaches you how to share your authentic voice and self in way that makes your ideal clients and customers excited to have found you. It's like finding their soul sister in business. #bizbesties

DIY Copy Made Simple 

  • 4 Core Modules broken down into bite-sized chunks for easy implementation
  • Private Facebook Group majority of the work and learning is done here + accountability, community, and easy access to ask for help
  • 4 (60 minute) Group Coaching Calls to help make sure your copy questions get answered (These calls will be recorded)
  • Lifetime Access (All Updates Included)
  • 100% Risk-Free 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Limited Class Size Class size will be limited meaning more personalized attention
  • 2 Free Courses. You get access to my not even released yet Content Bank Creation and Meet Your Friend.  Not only that but you'll get to watch over my shoulder as I create these courses
  • 4 Extra Group Coaching Calls to watch over my should as I create the 2 bonus courses.

All taught with my exclusive Dinner Party Method. I mean who doesn't love a good party, right? 

Cart closes May 14, 2018 at 04:00 PM CST 

Class starts May 15, 2018

Here are just some of the things we'll cover in this 4 week course.

Your Core Curriculum

17 Videos
3 Texts
3 PDFs

Couldn’t I just skip the writing part?

You could. It won’t do you much good. Your business will struggle to grow and it will be difficult to get things done.  It will also be difficult for people to find you, if you're not producing content and giving them a way to find you or learn more about the value you offer. Writing is a big part of the visibility puzzle. 

You could hire that copywriter I mentioned earlier and save yourself the time and trouble, but unless you have thousands to invest, you're going to have to end up doing most of it yourself. 

And here's something you may not know, if you don't understand at least the basics when it comes to copy, then you'll never know if that copywriter will be a good fit for you. That could cost you in all sorts of ways, icky, icky ways. You want to avoid that from happening to you. Money is one thing, but reputation and trust are hard to rebuild.

You could always admit defeat. Throw in the towel.

If you’re ready to quit then do it. Save yourself the frustration and the money. I give you my full permission to give up.

Still here?

Great, then let’s get to the heart of the matter. Copy is the biggest key to unlocking just about everything you want when it comes to owning your own business. It doesn’t matter if you are online or brick and mortar. Everything you do relies on copy. 

Your website needs copy. Communicating with your customers or clients, requires copy, be it marketing, emails, social media posts, the list goes on and on. Everything you do requires copy. Accept that now.

You could take it to the extreme and become a copywriter, like I did. But I love to write. I’m the girl that would write “novels” to her friends in school and hand then off between classes.

Most people don’t enjoy writing as much as I do.

Who's this course the best fit for?

First, if you are looking for the easy button or think that this course is going to help you turn your business into some 5 figure sensation by the end of the month then go ahead and leave now. 

I'm not offering pie in the sky solutions and I make no guarantees when it comes to out come. Everyone's effort and market are different. I can't predict what you'll do with this course. The hard work is entirely up to you. 

What I can offer you is a proven framework that I use in my own business. 

This course is also not a course to learn how to become a copywriter or how to run a copywriting business. I don't teach that at this time. 

What I do teach in this course is a system for you (boss babes) to reach your clients and customers where they're at now and help them with their problems.

You're an are action taker and willing to put in the hard work. You have a passion for what you teach and who you serve. 

IF you have read this far then I am pretty sure that's YOU! 

What the heck are you waiting for? Get in here Babe!

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

This course is for action takers. It is just 4 short weeks and for that reason there is a 14 day refund policy.

You have 2 weeks to decide if this course is for you. (That's half the course.) If not, no hard feelings simply submit an email with a refund request, with-in your 14 day window of purchase, and I will quickly refund your money.  

This course is not a guarantee of success. It takes hard work and implementation on your part to build your business. I am happy to share my knowledge and time with you. It's for that reason I am confident in extending you this risk-free money back guarantee.  

Genevieve Horrall
Genevieve Horrall
Chief Copy Writer

A little bit about me...

After years of struggling in my own online endeavors I knew there had to be something that I was missing when it came to building my businesses. I was right and well... write. (Sorry couldn't help the writing pun.)

I was missing a key element. It was connection. Now don't get me wrong I knew how to write. But copy is more than just creating words, and that was the bit I was missing. 

I was so passionate about figuring out what was missing that I am became a copywriter in the process. Now it's my mission to help others that struggle with creating deeper connections.

Those connections are what drive people to take notice, want to learn more, and buy your work, courses, and products.

It's not about so much what you say, but how you say it. Let me help you with that. You can find out more About Me on my website.